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Telucio is a short action-platform experience, inspired by FromSoftware game.

You need a controller to play the game, keyboard and mouse are not supported.

Version 1.0 was made in 4 days for the "Extra Credits Game Jam #4" By Lucas -"MioMilo" Venturini, using the following assets pack:
- "Platformer Starter Pack" By PlatFunner Studio.
- "Modular RPG Heroes Polyart" By Dungeon Manson.

A playthrough should take between 20 and 40 minutes. There is no save option, you should play in one sitting.

Three versions are availables :
- The "Game Jam version" is the game as uploaded at the end of the game jam.
- the "1.1 version" contain a few simple but important change made after some playtest. See the devlog for more details.
- the "1.2 version" is an "enhanced" version, made a few month after the jam, with some change made to make the gam more enjoyable. See the devlog for more details.

I reccomend using the last version.

Have fun !

Install instructions

Download and extract the archive. Launch "Telucio.exe" to start the game.


Telucio - Game Jam version 178 MB
Telucio - 1.1 version 178 MB
Telucio 1.2.zip 201 MB

Development log


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I found the level a bit big. and with the fact you have to start over if you die I got a bit board running up the hill multiple times. Nice simple background music and sound effects. The animations were nice and combat felt mostly fair, though I did die once to a guard hitting me on the side when  I don't think it was a valid hit :).

The biggest drawback I see is the combat is a bit dull. Wait for opponent to attack, counter. Even with multiple enemies, it is the same thing. Some more give and take or ways to be active would be nice there.

I loved the graphics and animations. Some how I was able to use a keyboard to play but because of that I found the combat was very difficult.  But I might revisit this when I have more time. Great game!  

Wow!! I really like this game! I think you did it perfect conecting the deferent parts of your map. Also the final boss took me many tries to beat him, but it never became frustrated becose I knew what I was doing wrong every time I died. The only recomendation I have for this game is that when you are fighting only one normal enemy it can feel a bit boring becouse you can't do anything till he attacks, so if you want the player to play defensive in combat a good tip is to make the enemy be more agressive so that would make the combat more dynamic. Nice work! <3